Jaydonspire Howling Moon

Jaydonspire Howling Moon

About me......Lupin was a big decision for our family. We did a lot of research and met a lot of breeders before we finally got our boy. Everyone we met said that Malamutes can be very challenging but with Nikki’s background in Animal Welfare and Behaviour, we did our research, and decided this was the dog for us and got ready to face into the challenges the breed brings - head on.

Lupin has been everything we hoped he would be and so much more. There are challenging times; like when he chewed the stairs, constantly digs massive holes in our garden, and destroys every toy we give him inside five minuets. He is big, and strong.

He can be stubborn and often tell us when it’s time for bed but… He is the most loving, affectionate, kind, playful, and wonderful dog we could have ever asked for. He tempers his behaviour around small children being kind and gentle, then becomes a playing machine when the boys are round. He welcomes us home with his wagging tail and howls of ‘hello’ and we couldn’t image life without him.

Simon & Nikki


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Jaydonspire Howling MoonJaydonspire Howling MoonJaydonspire Howling Moon