Litters and puppies

All future homes will be vetted and we have to meet all potential puppy owners.
Please contact us by email letting us know a bit about yourself, and why you want to own a Jaydonspire puppy.

Owning any dog is a lifetime commitment but most of all you become part of our K9 family so it is important you have considered this before contacting us! if you don't consider a dog as part of your family! You cannot own one of our puppies.

Jaydonspire Alaskan Malamutes UK

All Parents have the relevant and current health tests.

We are members of the The Alaskan Malamute Club of United Kingdom and agree to adhere by the AMCUK Code of Ethics


What are we looking for?
For all our puppy homes we are firstly looking for someone who knows they need time and patience and is prepared to commit time and energy in raising a healthy, well-socialised pet for the long.

Beginners Welcome
We never stop learning about dogs no matter how much experience we have and for whatever breed. Positive reinforcement when it comes to training is more the emphasis nowadays, and we look for people who are open to that, rather than people who are old school and for open the change. Never be afraid to ask questions we are always happy to answer any questions or offer advice.
Most definitely we look for someone who as researched the breed and other breeds arriving at, the conclusion that the Alaskan Malamute is the right breed for them. dogs should never be bought on impulse.

Being Prepared
We recommend that ideally anyone looking to buy a dog should go to a dog show and walk round and look at all the dogs, talk to different breeds and get a general feel for the breed and see if the breed is still the dog for them.
If possible we would recommend that you come and see our adult dogs, to see how they and you interact with them and get a feel for an adult dog, before looking at puppies, It is very difficult to think straight when looking at puppies especially cute malamute pups.


We would welcome viewing of puppies at six weeks old, and have a chat at what sort of dog would suit you, and try and offer the right choice.If it is agreed and you have settled on a puppy we would ideally like you to keep in touch as the dog develops.

Keep in Touch
As a breeder we want to know how your dog has developed, as there been any health or temperament issues that we need to know about. but also we like to know what they are up to and been doing, we like good communication through the dogs life, regular updates, via the phone, Email or Facebook.


Planned puppies

Puppies due end of May 2016

with special thanks to Ed & Tate of Muzoku for letting Dante be part of our future.


Planned litter 2017

Jaydonspires Moon River

Dam - Jaydonspires Moon River and Sire TBA


Past litters

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